ConnectTherapy™ (Lee, 2015) is a functional, whole-body, whole-person and advanced Physiotherapy assessment and treatment model. It has been developed by Canadian  Physiotherapist, Dr. LJ Lee. It is an approach that acknowledges that there are connections within and between regions of the body as well as extrinsic influences on a patient that all influence a patient’s experience of their body.

The ConnectTherapy approach considers all aspects of a patient’s non-optimal experiences of their body, not just pain. The ConnectTherapy- trained Physiotherapist uses an innovative, thorough, full- body assessment to find the Driver of the patient’s problem. For example, long-standing back pain could be driven from a poorly behaving right foot that was sprained 25 years ago. The area requiring treatment is the right foot, not the low back.

ConnectTherapy enables the Physiotherapist to direct treatment to the underlying cause of pain, dysfunction or poor performance and change the patient’s experience of their body. Patients are also empowered to self-manage with home exercises and other tools.

The Physiotherapist that has trained to  the level of becoming a Dr. LJ Lee ConnectTherapy™ Certified Practitioner  has attended many short courses, completed all 4 parts of ConnectTherapy™ Series. Additionally, to become certified, the Physiotherapist undertakes a year long training process and is examined to ensure that a “gold standard” of expertise has been reached. There are 23 Physiotherapist in the world 4 of whom are in Australia that are ConnectTherapy™ Practitioners.

PhysioXtra is proud to have ConnectTherapy™ Certified Practitioner, Lisa Anthony, on our Physiotherapy team.