The Thoracic Ring Approach™




There are so many connections from the thorax  (ribcage, thoracic spine, breast bone and the organs inside) to the rest of the body. Because of this the thorax can be the underlying cause of dysfunction elsewhere in the body. It can be the reason, for example, that your left shoulder is hurting even when the thorax is pain free. The shoulder may be coping with tasks poorly because of a badly behaving segment in the thorax.

The Thoracic Ring Approach has been developed by Dr. LJ Lee, a Canadian Physiotherapist. Her innovative approach gives the trained Physiotherapist tools to assess and treat the thorax.  A Thoracic Ring is the motion segment of the thorax made up of the thoracic vertebrae, the ribs attached and the attachment to the breast bone. It forms the shape of a 3D ring.

At PhysioXtra our two Physiotherapists, Andrew Wilson and Lisa Anthony have trained in The Thoracic Ring Approach.