Excellence in Physiotherapy and Pilates

PhysioXtra is an Authorised Power Plate Centre.

Developed to optimise the effects of ACCELERATION TRAINING™, the Power-Plate® machine is one of the most exciting technological advances in the fields of sports medicine, athletics, health and fitness.

ACCELERATION TRAINING has more than 30 years of practical and scientific research to support its efficacy. It has become increasingly clear that this training technique is valid, effective and will be used more and more.


Using the principles of ACCELERATION TRAINING, the Power-Plate® machine can help people to:

  • improve sports performance
  • enhance fitness and wellness
  • accelerate recovery from injury.


Individual Power Plate sessions of 1/2 an hour are:

  • programmed to suit your individual needs
  • conducted by our accredited Power Plate trainers.


No prior exercise experience is necessary.

At PhysioXtra the Power Plate is also integrated into our Physiotherapy and Pilates classes where appropriate.

ACCELERATION TRAINING provides the following advantages:

  • shorter training time for similar results
  • increased muscle tone
  • improved flexibility
  • increased blood circulation
  • aids the reduction of pain
  • increased bone mineral density
  • decrease in Cortisol levels (stress hormones)
  • increase in balance and coordination
  • increased levels of key hormones -
    testosterone, human growth hormone, igf-i
    and serotonin